Your Bride Tribe Deserves To Be Different

Every bride wants a beautiful group photo with her girls – and mismatched outfits have a
bad rap because well, they might not look as cohesive. But here’s a thought. You love your friends
because they are different. And you can celebrate that by mixing and matching your tribe’s OOTD
so they still look picture-perfect by your side. The LYLAS collection (which carries sizes from petite XXS
to plus size XXL) celebrates individuality in sisterhood by giving you and your bridesmaids
the option to be different. Because unity can exist in diversity, we promise.


Trousers aren’t just for the groom

It may be your day, but why force that one friend who’s always in
jeans into a frilly skirt? Wide leg pants are an elegant option – easy to
move in when you’re rushing around during gatecrash games, but the
flare cut gives a feminine silhouette and is flattering for all body shapes.

It’s a simple matter of finding outfits of the same colour, or a visual illusion
of a similar shape. If one bridesmaid’s in wide leg trousers, pair her with
another girl with a skirt that cinches in at the waist and similarly flares out.

Colour me beautiful

Just as one dress does not fit all, neither does colour. The quickest way to tell what colours favour you is to hold up a white sheet of paper next to your face.
If your skin looks more yellow, you probably have a warm skin tone and should wear colours like Maroon or a periwinkle Wisteria. If your skin appears pink, you’re cool and should opt for Seafoam Green or Dusty Blue. And if you’re looking a little grey, you’ve got a neutral tone and should pick Ivory White, Blush Pink or Lilac.

So if you’re lucky to have a bride tribe who’s united in their love for the same outfit, give your girls the chance to pick their kit in a colour that suits them best. Opting for a look that comes in different colours will give you that flexibility.


Rock the body you were given

Bridesmaids that come in exactly the same shape exist only in Pinterest.
Putting your girls in entirely different outfits can still be easy on the eye,
if you tie them together with a common design element, such as pleats,
or an off the shoulder neckline.

Your bridesmaid looks can range from pencil skirts for those who are petite,
and floaty maxi numbers for the curvy girls. Try pairing them with the same
top – affordable separates are your friend because of how many different
looks you can create.