Your “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”
Proposal Needs These Gifts

You’ve got your ring, now you need your squad. And your squad needs a bridesmaid survival kit
(and also, it’s fun to receive sparkly things). We’ve rounded up a list of gifts for
your bridesmaids to have and to hold even after the big day.

Keep calm and inhale

The quickest way to enter zen-mode is to light a scented candle.
Our pick: The palm-sized Jo Malone travel candles – especially
handy if you’re having a destination wedding and need a floral
hit away from home.


Photo: Instagram/@jomalonelondon


Photo: Instagram/@themindfulcompany


Put a ring on it

You don’t need to be the only person rocking a ring.
Message rings like this ‘Ami’ ring from the Mindful Company
(French for ‘friend’) are subtly delicate, and can be stacked
with other pieces of jewellery.

Dressed to impress

What’s a bridesmaid without an outfit? Treat your girls
with affordable looks from the size-inclusive Love Bonito
LYLAS Bridal Collection (ranging from XXS to XXL).
Designed to celebrate individuality, you can select gowns,
skirts, tops and trousers to suit each of your bridesmaids.



Photo: kikki.K


What's in a name

You don’t get any more personalised than getting an
item monogrammed. Kikki.K’s monogramming service
means your friend’s initials or nicknames can be immortalised
on notebooks, luggage tags and planners. Alternatively, hit
them up for cute bridesmaids’ cards or invitations.

Down to earth

Find a tiny oasis in the sea of a cluttered desk
with a potted succulent. They’re hardy enough
to survive even the most green of gardening
newbies, and are highly Instagrammable.
Far East Flora proffers a selection.


Photo: Instagram/@t2tea

No storm in this teacup

Take a breather from plotting devious gatecrash
games with a comforting pot of freshly brewed tea.
T2’s Beauty Queen is a fun pick for a bride squad
tea party, complete with quirky teapot sets.

Pucker up

Sephora is your friend when it comes to small
pick-me-ups that quicken the heart of any makeup
maven. You can take your pick from rollerball perfumes
to lip balms to travel sized beauty must-haves.


Photo: Instagram/@sephorasg



Box it up

Your goodies deserve a treasure chest. These
transparent boxes from Shopbox showcase the
gifts within, and you can personalise them with
a name or a message. They’re also vanity
table goals.

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