Why Laser Cut Designs Are The Cutting Edge

How can we count the ways we love laser cut clothing? It calls for super precise, delicate design cuts
that transform any outfit into a fashion moment. Lace dresses have a new lease of life.


Wait, what’s laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a manufacturing process that
does pretty much what it says on the tin – using
a high-powered laser cutter on materials to make
precise cuts. It’s used everywhere, from computers
to industrial design.

Even on clothing?

Especially on clothing. Laser cutting
means intricate patterns are now possible
without fiddling with scissors or blades.
Another reason why the fashion industry
loves it – it seals fabric edges to prevent fraying.
And when you’re dealing with delicate fabrics
like lace and silk, you want to be extra careful.


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How big of a deal is laser cutting in fashion?

Big enough that it was celebrated in the New York Metropolitan Museum
of Art’s Costume Institute in 2016. The exhibition Manus x Machina:
Fashion in an Age of Technology showcased the combination of tech and fashion – including futuristic clothing that were laser cut. So we’re talking couture clothing.

Couture! Doesn’t that make laser
cut clothing super expensive?

Perhaps when it started out, but not anymore. Laser cutting has become so popular that the technology was made more accessible to manufactures, and it’s made the transition into high street fashion. You still get all the benefits without the fancy schmancy price tag.


What’s the effect that laser cutting
has on women’s clothing?

Latticework and filigree look beautiful – and also fiddly to
create with human hands. Because the laser gives such high
precision, you can get uber delicate with the cut outs. High
accuracy also means you can create perfect appliques. Even
the most simple of shift dresses can be elevated with cut out details.

Other than the way it looks, why should I get
hot and bothered about laser cut?


So you know how couture has that air of exclusivity?
There are some echoes of that in laser cut as well. No two
pieces are the same, because each panel of clothing is done
one at a time, piece by piece. That’s a high level of attention given to
each garment - and a low risk of human error. Do we have you convinced?

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