How To Dress Like A Fashion Week Insider

For most of us, all we get to see of international Fashion Weeks is through social media (with more than a tinge of #FOMO).
The clothes! The shows! Those OOTDs! But for Jolene Khor, fashion editor of Buro 24/7 Singapore and style influencer
Savina Chai, getting ready for Fashion Week is a style mission that involves multiple suitcases.


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You can still wear basics

’Basic’ isn’t a dirty word amongst those in the front row.
Contrary to popular belief, a statement OOTD and basic
pieces aren’t mutually exclusive. “I do always pack layering
essentials such as a basic white shirt, black and white
turtleneck sweaters, black and denim jeans,” says Savina.

For Jolene, having staples mean versatility. Attending both
Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks means she’s on the road for
three weeks, and unless you’ve got FedEx in the back of your
pocket, repeating items are unavoidable. “I try to bring things
that give me at least two or three outfits,” she says. “But I don’t
bring the basic of basics – it still needs to have a key interest.
For example, I would never bring just a black T-shirt. It still
needs to have details like, giant silver buttons.”

Go ham on the accessories

Your suitcase will always have room for accessories.
“Accessories are all small so you have infinite outfit
variations as opposed to coats – which will take up
so much space,” says Jolene.

The one rule she follows: The bigger the better.
“I bring statement pieces like a vintage bag with
crazy colours. For me, the crazier the accessory,
the easier it is to match to the outfit.” A simple
ensemble of jeans and a jumper can be transformed
with a look-at-me necklace or earrings.


Photo: Instagram/@joleskhor




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Your clothes need to reflect the city

Being fashionable means different things in each fashion capital.
“With Seoul Fashion Week, the outfits have to be a little more street
as Korean fashion is all about streetwear and sneakers,” says Savina.

The differences don’t just extend between Asia and Europe –
Milan and Paris are like chalk and cheese. “In Milan, more is more.
You would see leopard prints, metallics, mismatched earrings.
There’s less inhibition,” explains Jolene. “Paris is quieter, less flashy.
They’re about strong tailoring and thoughtful curation.” So while she
would wear three stacked belts and red patent leather shoes in Milan,
she keeps her laced black boots and ripped jeans for Paris.


Photo: Instagram/@joleskhor

Be realistic with your choices

Giant tulle skirts and sparkly heels may get you those likes
on Instagram, but they’re not the best shout when you’re elbowing
through a crowd. It comes down to personal preference and what
your purpose is for attending fashion week.

“Because I’m there to do a job, the clothes need to work for me,”
says Jolene. “There needs to be a practical element to my clothes –
my clutches need to be large enough that I can put under my arm,
and I can’t have my heels stuck in potholes.”


Photo: Instagram/@joleskhor


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Photo: Instagram/@savinachaiyj


So you’ve got to hit the sweet spot between creative expression
and getting the job done. Savina agrees that heels might not always
be the best idea if you’re on foot for more than an hour, but she thrives
on coming up with different style permutations. “Fashion week is about interpreting and executing trends of the season in your own personal way,” she believes. “It may not always have to be practical but that's the best
part of fashion. The possibilities are endless.”







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