You Don’t Have To Be A Crazy Rich Asian
To Dress Like One

We haven’t been this excited for a movie fashion moment since The Devil Wears Prada.
Glamour? Check. Couture? Check. So stylish it hurts? Check. We show you how to play dress
up like the characters from the film, but without having the pressure of the Young family on your shoulders.


No such thing as too much shine

When you’re crazy rich, you’ve got a crazy jewellery
collection (#fact). So it’s a big yes to bedazzling your
neckline and ears with jewels, but we say no to paying
what you can’t afford. Costume jewellery works if you go
for classic gems like pearls, and look for elegant dangle
or drop designs.


Look luxe with your fabric choice

The high SES factor of Singapore’s richest comes with looking polished and pristine (no crumpled cotton shirts, please). We may not have a door to door dry cleaning service, so we’d plump for fabrics like brocade. It looks expensive, has that sheen, and doesn’t wrinkle as quickly as linen.


Special occasions call for
statement jumpsuits

Not all of us can pull off Araminta Lee’s
glittery gold jumpsuit (tbh, we’re not even
sure where anyone would wear it in real life).
But swopping chi chi dresses for bold, fitted
jumpsuits? That, we’re on board with.

Pick a dress with texture

Lace! Feathers! Appliques! Why pick a
simple shift when you can go with textured
pieces? You don’t need feathers sprouting
from your shoulders – lace overlay dresses
would be a much more versatile addition to
your wardrobe rotation.


Even the rich wear florals

Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) loves her floral
dresses – and holds her own in Tyersall Park.
These pretty, feminine summer dresses are
meeting-the-parents appropriate, regardless
of their billionaire status. Even the most
crotchety of grandmas would approve.

Turn heads with bright prints

Peik Lin, aka Queen Awkwafina, flew the flag for
all things bright and colourful. You don’t need to be
a bottle blonde to pull off bold prints – just a little of Awkwafina’s swagger. Printed separates give you the option of mixing prints, or pairing with basics for more conservative occasions.