Ask Yourself These Questions Before
Choosing Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Picking a bridesmaid’s dress comes down to asking yourself what you’ve got planned for
the day and what your bridal party would feel most confident in. For a flattering silhouette,
try to mix and match colours and separates to best suit petite and plus size figures.


What’s the vibe you’re going for?

Bohemian chic, garden party nymph or formal glamour?
Your bridesmaids’ dresses need to take their cues from the
venue and theme of your wedding. Also, have a think about
the dress that you’re wearing, and how your girls can complement
you. If you’ve got lace details on the bodice, that’s something that
can be echoed in lace hemlines for the bridesmaids.


Boho bride tribe vibes with neutral maxis and flower crowns
Photo: Instagram/@engagedlife


Find cohesion with similar makeup looks and hairdos.
Photo: Jenny Yoo

What's your budget?

Going for an affordable bridesmaid gown frees you up
to pay for the other little details. If you’ve chosen to mix
up your bridesmaids’ looks, you can coordinate on the little
things. Buy each girl the same lipstick so everyone can have
the same nude lip. Or choose a statement earring, delicate
necklace or strappy sandal that everyone can rock regardless
of their shape and size.


Matching statement necklaces are a quick way to unify your looks.
Photo: Studio Castillero

What's lined up for your bridal party?

At every wedding, the bridal party is the one doing the legwork –
after all, it’s your day. If they’ve lucked out and most of the day is
in air-conditioned comfort, you can afford to dress your squad in
something more structured. Trousers, knee-length skirts or airy
maxis would be more suitable if duty calls them to
run activities outdoors.


Airy trousers are one option if you’re planning an outdoor fiesta.
Photo: Shannen Natasha Weddings


You can choose entirely different colours – not everything needs to be shades of the same colour.

What colour scheme suits your girls?

Our suggestion: Choose a spectrum of shades. For example,
pastels give you a range of options like Blush Pink, Dove Grey
and Lilac. On the opposite end, you can go for jewel tones like
rich Maroon, statement Navy or a dazzling Periwinkle Purple.
This way, your bridesmaids can go for a colour that best suits
their skin tone, and you’ll have a wedding photo that’s awash
with colour and promises to bring back the best memories.


Gertrude Halter Knot Neck Maxi Dress
Love, Bonito


Yeren Ruch Bodice Flutter Sleeve Dress
Love, Bonito


Some bridesmaids may want more coverage, so mixing up the tops give
them that option.

Photo: Nadia Meli


Not everyone wants to flaunt their arms,
so mix up the necklines with sweetheart bustiers or high neck tops.
Photo: Laura Gordon Photography

What silhouette is the most flattering?

Ultimately, you'll want to put together a look that best complements your bridesmaid's figure. When in doubt, we've found a universally
flattering option for both petite and plus size girls to be a classic A-Line shape, which cinches in at the waist and skims the hips.
The Yeren Ruch Bodice Flutter Sleeve Dress or the Gertrude Halter Knot Neck Maxi Dress
from the Love, Bonito LYLAS collection would do the trick.

Alternatively, recreate the A-Line silhouette with a top and skirt combination. You can mix and match off shoulder tops or
crop tops with skirts – always keeping in mind what suits your individual bridesmaid's shape and style.